Mini Logistics- Importation


In importation organizations, we offer services with the solutions that we have developed. We carry out the most efficient services using different transportation methods.

As of the start of importation, we establish an accurate and healthy communication handling the process from the beginning and perform all of the steps with due diligence.

Depending on the characteristics of the products to be imported, we determine the most efficient form of transportation and we perform delivery in due time.

We offer importation planning and services for all kinds of products depending on the properties of the product such as raw materials, production materials, specific parts, chemical products and ready-made products.

Our company which has a wide destination network offers services by picking up parcels from the designated addresses and delivering them again to the designated services with different freight options.


With a service approach where we fulfill the requirements of the industry and offer different solutions every time, we carry out our services based on our main principle which is

"We Transport Trust".